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Elizabeth Warren Says ‘The system itself is broken’ on Trump’s reported $750 income tax report

Elizabeth Warren opened up about broken US tax system. President Donald Trump’s reported $750 federal income tax payments, according to Sen. Elizabeth Warren criticized US tax system and said it is completely broken.

“The problem here is that the system itself is broken, and you’ve got to ask why,” Warren said in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer during the virtual Delivering Alpha conference Wednesday. “And you want to know why? The reason is because of the Donald Trump of the world, the people who have used their money and used their influence to get Congress to keep rewriting those laws.”

Warren also briefly mentioned the blockbuster New York Times report  that published Sunday. It revealed that Trump paid $750 in federal income tax in the year he won the presidency and in his first year in office. The report also claimed that Trump had paid no federal income tax in 10 years.

Trump Income Tax report has made many high paying tax people upset.

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